Purchases from these past few weeks. The discount I get at J.Crew has managed to cushion the blow to my wallet this autumn, as much of my clothing purchases have to be replacing basics. Why they all happened to disintegrate at the same time is still a mystery to me!? [Old Navy Flats, Old Navy Clearence T-shirts, J.Crew Cardigan, my new favorite J.Crew Waffle Knit  Sweater, J.Crew Perfect Shirt, J.Crew Toothpick Demin and Madewell Rail Straight White Demin]
Sweater from Filippa K, shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren.
Finally decent weather again. Shirt from Filippa K.
Filippa K, Gant, Cheap Monday, Sebago.
I really like that briefcase from Ralph Lauren. The Sperry Topsiders and Persol sunglasses aren’t too bad either.
Pretty much perfect. Except for the belt, which I do not think I like. Barbour Liddesdale with Clarks Desert Boots is cool.

Park and bond..

I just can’t remember whether or not I have reblogged this before, but it is worth a second reblog anyway. I like everything in this picture.
Not a big fan of the shirt in the bottom of the picture, but the rest is great.

Yesterday’s outfit.

Potentially a very nice outfit. I cannot stand those collars though.

(via Unabashedly Prep - Wardrobe I)

Great, except for those ugly blue plants. 99 out of 100 times I see those pants I think: “nooo…”. And especially with blazers. If you want to wear jeans, wear dark jeans.